Scott Harvey Tyre Technician

Scott has been in the tyre industry for a number of years; well and truly long enough to be an expert in tyre fitting, rim repairs, and wheel alignments. All that time around vehicles means he can’t help being a bit handy on the minor mechanical side of things as well. Not surprisingly, one of Scott’s hobbies is old cars, but he likes a spot of fishing too, and there’s a lot to be said he says for enjoying time with family and friends.

Shane HohaiaCompany Director

Shane was already working for Real Deal Tyres when the previous owners offered him the business. Having worked inside for years, he saw being able to work outside as a welcome change. He plays a great deal of sport, and you might find him on the hockey field, but he also likes to wield a racquet on the squash court. He paddled waka ama for sixteen years and was good enough to take it to national level.  Business does often get in the way of bats, balls and paddles, so Shane does the next best thing and uses his business to support sports and other arenas in the community.

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Steve RedpathWheel Alignment Operator

Steve has been aligning car wheels for over 10 years, but it takes more than wheel alignments to keep cars rolling. He also carries out minor mechanical repairs such as vehicle servicing, brake servicing, suspension checks, and vehicle electrics. He’s also great on the floor for A-1 customer service.  The car thing has got at him though, and when he isn’t hanging with his kids and family, he can often be found under the hood of a mate’s car.

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